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Leather and suede have a different look and feel. What is the difference between leather sneakers and suede sneakers?

The main difference between leather and suede is that the leather is smooth and buttery while the suede is hairy and dull. Leather, unlike suede, is more resistant because it is made up of the outside of the animal which is naturally the protective layer of the animal's skin.

How do they differ?
Leather sneakers and suede sneakers not only differ in texture, they also require different care methods and react differently to environmental elements. That said, it's important to consider your lifestyle when shopping for leather shoes. The good news about ALiveShoes sneakers is that they are made with high quality Italian leathers and suede. Because they are carefully manufactured and tanned, they are more water resistant than average leather.

Where will you wear them?

When deciding between leather and suede shoes, it's important to consider where you plan to wear them. Since leather is a bit more durable than suede, leather sneakers are suitable for almost any occasion, both outdoors and indoors. Suede, however, is best for indoor clothing. It's certainly okay to wear suede on the outside, but keep in mind that it's more susceptible to stains and water damage.

How will you take care of them?
You should always look into how to care for your shoes, whether they are leather or suede. If you clean them regularly and treat them with protection, they will almost certainly last longer.
Suede does not react well to moisture, so we recommend avoiding liquid cleaners and brushes with bristles. Instead, clean your suede sneakers with a suede rubber, which doesn't require water at all.

Now you have some more knowledge of these materials but the important thing is that they are handcrafted leathers, made with quality raw materials and unique in their kind.

This allows you to create high-quality footwear, respecting all needs, to create a unique piece for your audience.


Suede is a versatile material

Suede is also called "velvet", in French, because it is obtained by depriving the leather of its most precious side and by working it you get a leather which, to the touch, recalls velvet. This material is very versatile and for this reason the undisputed protagonist on the catwalks, and used by famous stylists. In fact, stylists from all over the world have taken up and transformed a must have from the 1980s, focusing on the eclecticism of a perfect material for both social evenings and business meetings. Starting from the timeless silhouette, by Tod's, it is in a toffee color with a shirt collar up to Armani, which dresses men with minimal garments capable of embellishing multiform looks or with more daring and refined cuts at the same time, thanks to the elegant napalan finishes. Suede clothing has made its way into both men's and women's fashion. However, the real protagonists are the shoes.

Countless variety of materials at your disposal with AliveShoes

AliveShoes has many years of experience behind the production of materials, integrating with innovation and research. Latest technologies, experimentation, and attention to the environment are key part of the process. Every day we path a new way to help you transform your creative project into reality . With us you can create with countless materials including suede and leather and many other materials. Its time to make your vision real!